This year we added a line item to our spending plan – Generosity Budget. It’s money that we set aside just to bless people at random. I’d love to say we came up with the idea, but we didn’t. We learned about the idea from Bob and Linda Lotich in their book, Simple Money, Rich Life.

Bob and Linda have a pretty great story, which you can learn about by checking out their website: SeedTime Or you can snag a copy of their book. Either way, you need to hear what they have to say. Keep reading to see why!

Simple Money, Rich Life

Simple Money, Rich Life: Bob Lotich

Simple Money, Rich Life Summary

“You don’t need to read a dozen money books, spend 10 hours a week budgeting, or have a finance degree.

You just need to set up a simple money system that will help you spend less time managing money than you currently are. Leaving you with MORE money to spend on what you love. Oh and all without any guilt or having to live like a pauper.”
Bob Lotich

Simple Money, Rich Life Quotes (Or Takeaways)

*These quotes may or may not be 100% accurate. Let me explain… We bought Simple Money, Rich Life as an audiobook and listened to it on a roadtrip. I tried my best to get my notes typed out while we were driving/listening, but it was a little challenging. I honestly think some of these are direct quotes and others are paraphrases… I should probably go back and check. “Hey, Google, remind me to double check my Simple Money, Rich Life quotes.”

*Also, because the quotes are coming from an audiobook, the citations will include chapter numbers in place of page numbers.

Chasing the provision rather than the provider is a mistake. Jesus is always our greatest gift and treasure, far greater than any financial blessings that may come our way. (Chapter 1)

Assets under management – a better way of thinking of our “net-worth.” It reminds us that everything we have is God’s, and we’re just managers. (Chapter 2)

If you want to see financial success start with the “Never 100” Rule. Never spend 100% (or more) of your monthly income. (Chapter 3)

Illustration: So many people kill houseplants and think they just don’t have a green thumb, but the reason is that they weren’t paying attention to the plant. The same thing goes for money. People are in bad financial shape, and they think they’re bad at finances. The fix is to start paying attention. Tend to your money and things will change. (Chapter 4)

One category budget: There’s typically one line item that causes problems (eating out, fun, clothes…) Focus on reining in that one line item instead of reining in ALL lines. It’s the 80-20 rule. 80% of your success will come from 20% of your budget. (Chapter 7)

Write down your giving goals. (Chapter 23)

Simple Money, Rich Life Review

There are a zillion money books out there, but most of them are either super dry, impractical, or unbiblical. Simple Money, Rich Life is just different. And in the best ways.

I love that Bob and Linda wrote the book together.

Trent is definitely the spouse that is more money savvy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have opinions. Most of the time when I even think about reading a book on money it makes me want to vomit. Not because the information is bad, but because it feels like someone not-at-all-like-me wrote it.

Bob Lotich is very clearly the more financially inclined spouse, but Linda pops in in every chapter to give her perspective. I love that! She explains her side of things, and it really helps you see how a couple (though individually very different) can work together to hit financial goals.

The main priority for Bob + Linda is to honor God.

I can listen to someone give the best principles on money, but if they’re not coming from a Biblical perspective there’s just something missing for me. I’m also a huge fan of how much they prioritize generosity, which is something that should be foundational for Christians.

Their financial advice is practical.

It’s simple to understand and easy to implement. It’s also non-judgmental, which is very different feel from other financial gurus out there.

Bob + Linda talk a lot about having a vision for your future.

That’s a big deal for Trent and me, and I think when you can dream together as a couple it brings unity and strengthens your marriage. There were a couple of chapters that were specifically helpful because of our blogging endeavors. If you have a side hustle of any kind Simple Money, Rich Life offers encouragement in that area in addition to personal financial advice.


Because there’s a better way,

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