Coffee Update



On August 1, 2020 Trent and I launched Kaloway Coffee. Today Kaloway Coffee is no more.

The short story is this; We started selling coffee because we wanted to make the world a better place, and we thought coffee would be a great platform for us to do that. Over the course of the proceeding two years, we realized coffee was not our “place.”

Helping people make sense of faith, family, and finances is.

So, we rebranded as just Kaloway (which means Better Way) and created this new website, If you’re interested in being encouraged, challenged, and resourced to live a better way, then we want to invite you to look around. You can check out our home page to see a little bit more about what we’re offering now or head over to the blog to read our catalog of articles.

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We’re so grateful that you’re here and that Kaloway Coffee gave us an opportunity to connect with you. We hope to be an even greater help to you now at

Here’s to new things ❤️
Trent + Sarah

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