You may already know exactly what you’re going to buy for everyone on your list. On the off chance you don’t, and you’re stuck, here are some of the things we love and would highly recommend. If any of these ideas are helpful let us know! And if you have any other suggestions, make sure you leave them in a comment below 🙂

Oh, and before we jump in we may earn commission from the amazon links. But these are all things we actually have, use, and love. Up first…

// B I B L E S //


This is the Bible I use on the regular. I love the different translations of the Bible, but I’ve found that the NLT is a great translation for daily reading. If you didn’t know, a study Bible has more than just the Biblical text in it. There are little snippets before each book that help explain who wrote it and why. Plus, there are notes on specific verses and sections of text. If you read the Bible and get confused, a study Bible is a GREAT resource!


This is the Bible I bought for Trent a LONG time ago. It has the same features as my NLT Study Bible (all of the additional notes and things). It’s just a different translation. If I’m not reading the NLT I grab the ESV. They’re both fantastic!


This is the Bible we bought for Evan a few years ago. It has the full text of the Bible plus some extra little notes. It’s not as extensive as the study Bibles already mentioned, but it adds just enough detail for elementary aged kids. Evan really likes it.


We bought this Bible for Taya more recently. She’s very creative and this has a ton of coloring opportunities for her, without distracting from the text. If you have an artsy little girl in your house I would definitely recommend this Bible.

// B I B L E  S T U D Y  M A T E R I A L //


Composition notebooks are one of the most underrated Bible study supplies ever. I love them because they’re so versatile. If you want to free-journal through a section of scripture… composition notebook. If you want to try the SOAP method… composition notebook. Use it however you want!


There are a million Bible writing utensils out there, but I’ve only ever tried this one set. I got mine back in like 2008, and they’re still going strong!


If you’re looking for a little Bible study you can do on your own (and that’s easy to take on the go) you should definitely check out the Life Application line of Bible studies. In one little book you’ll find the full text of the book you’ll be studying plus all of the study notes you’d find in the Life Application Study Bible. Then you’ll find the questions. There are a lot of different studies, but the one linked here (James) is my fav!

// F A M I L Y  G I F T S //


YEARS ago Trent and I purchased a picnic basket because we wanted to prioritize time together. It was also important for us to create unique experiences that wouldn’t break the bank. Our picnic basket has been used for date nights alone and family days with our kids. The picnic basket linked here is not the exact one we have. (Lord only knows where we found it). But this one is VERY similar. If you’re looking for a cool family gift this year maybe you should consider a picnic basket 🙂


Trent and I got this cycling bike a couple of years ago, and it’s been great for us. We didn’t want to foot the bill for a peloton, especially because we noticed so many people selling them after a short time. We snagged one of these and found a GREAT youtube channel (linked in the ‘companies to check out’ section at the end) and we couldn’t be happier!

// B O O K S //


Are you planning on making some changes in 2023? Then you have to get this book! I feel like my whole adult life has been spent trying (and coming up short) to establish good habits. Once I started implementing the tactics in this book I found myself making progress.


Have you found yourself really struggling with the way the world is going? Have you dealt with consistent thoughts that just don’t line up with the Bible? Have you become frustrated with the gap between the good you want to do and the wrong you actually do? Then you’ll love this book!


When Trent and I first started down the path of debt freedom it was because of Dave Ramsey. We owe a lot of our financial success to him, but recently we came across Bob (and Linda) Lotich and read their book. If you want someone to explain how to get rid of financial stress while reminding you that life is about more than money, then this is the book for you. It’s incredible!


I know the title of this book kind of alienates our male readers, but it’s really great for everyone. Jen Wilkin lays out an incredible way of studying the Bible, and it’s so practical. Reading this book feels like sitting down with a mature, gracious follower of Christ who’s discipling you in the ways of Bible study. If you’ve never read it you’re missing out!

// C O M P A N I E S  T O  C H E C K  O U T //


This is a great company to check out if you’re looking for Bible studies and/or devotional material. I’ve purchased two sets of conversation cards and a small book called “Daily Truth for Kids.” Everything has been well worth the money. They have items for men, women, and children.


If you don’t know about Tiny Theologians you’re in for a treat. They provide material that makes discipling kids a breeze! I’ve purchased many items from them over the years and have never regretted a single one. If you want to learn alongside your kids then check out Tiny Theologians. 


A couple years ago our kids were gifted a year-long subscription to Little Learning Hands, and we all loved it! Each month you get to explore a different country. Boxes include a booklet about the country, a 3D puzzle, a flag, play money, a craft, and recipe cards. I checked out multiple subscription boxes, and Little Learning Hands won out (by FAR) on the amount of value offered. If you want something fun and enriching check out LLH. Bonus: at the time of this blog’s publishing they’re offering a 15% discount on any plan with the code 15%OFF.


If you’re looking for a great youtube channel for cycling and/or strength workouts then look no further than Kaleigh Cohen! You can check out her website at the link above or head directly to her youtube channels. Click HERE for cycling and HERE for strength. You won’t be sorry 😉

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